Streamline Processes With Custom PropTech Solutions

Provide high-quality experience to end users, increase revenue and build trust

Be a part of the future of the real estate industry

PropTech and RealTech are on the rise, with a 45% growth in the last 10 years and growing still. With the implementation of new technologies real estate companies are managing their processes more efficiently, and are more cost effective.
Valcon SEE offers this with a team of professionals and a unique set of knowledge of the industry. The experience we have in the tech side of the real estate industry empowers us to stay on top of all trends, which means that we are able to provide valuable insights and advice to further improve and build upon your idea.


Software Development

We deliver Java, Angular, React, Vue.js, .NET, PHP, Mendix, Appian, and Pega competencies. Besides being very skilled in High-code, we are also very experienced in Low-code.

IoT Integration

Keep up with the latest technology trends and implement IoT for next level data collection, monitoring and more.

AR/VR Solutions

Integrate the most technologically advanced features. 

Cloud Computing & Data Management

Increase efficiency and speed up processes with reliable cloud solutions.

Data analytics & Data security

Ensure your data is safe from corruption and unauthorised access. We provide the foundation to become a data-driven organisation in which data is managed as an asset.



Mix & match our services

Process tailored for our partners

Planning and Strategy

Brainstorming through design thinking, defining priorities, gathering insights, sorting essential requirements, outlining key aspects, reviewing all input, and ensuring that all perspectives are aligned.

Resource Allocation and Development

Ensuring smooth execution by utilising agile methodologies and including shorter iterations or sprints as new features are being integrated and new capabilities built.

Evaluation and Validation

Testing is done by the development and QA teams, who maintain contact with you and continuously monitor key performance indicators and measure progress in all stages.

UAT and Improvements

After implementing improvements and completing minor enhancements, the platform is ready to hit the market.

Why Valcon?

We support exceptionalism

We are there for the special ones; those who disrupt, innovate and believe that technology is the enabler to create a better tomorrow.

We empower all our clients

We are on a mission to deliver extraordinary software to all our partners and clients. Our dedication is to quality and continuous growth while supporting business of all sizes. 

We strive for success

We transform the IT hurdle into an enabler for success, share our expertise, build upon partnerships, and deliver state-of-the-art technology.

We’re flexible

We serve the most innovative companies by providing agile, affordable, and highly qualified software development teams as a service.

We support green and sustainable practices.

As much as we care about our clients, we can’t let our environment lose priority. Our processes are the reflection of our green policies.

Let’s work together to broaden your user base

Reach out to Valcon, and we’ll put you in touch with the perfect team to bring your PropTech platform to life. It all starts with a simple conversation. After that, we can provide you with the full-stack team you need to start developing your business and increasing revenue.

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