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Valcon employs over 300 highly skilled software engineers, UX designers, cloud and DevOps engineers, data engineers, and testers across Europe. In addition, we also provide low-code Mendix capability. We work remotely, but we are connected every day with our team in the Netherlands.



Split, CRO

Put Mostina 8,
21 000 Split

Zagreb, CRO

Heinzelova ulica 70,
10 000 Zagreb

Osijek, CRO

Vukovarska ulica 31,
31 000 Osijek

Rijeka, CRO

Vukovarska ulica 31,
31 000 Osijek

Novi Sad, RS

Narodnih heroja 2,
21000 Novi Sad

Belgrade, RS

Stojana Protica 4,
11 000 Belgrade

Banja Luka, BH

Srpska 2,
78000 Banja Luka

What our
employees say


"Valcon is the 6th company in my 15 years of work, and I like to work here. The company is nurturing two-way communication and giving/receiving feedback. The atmosphere is rather casual, but we do professional work. My colleagues are incredible people, always ready to help and to be there for each other."

Retko Pokrajac,
Low Code Lead


I enjoy working at Valcon primarily because of the interaction with people, and I like to feel that they are aligned with my vision for the project. From a professional level, I like the freedom of agile management and the strong support of superiors in the process. Every project is unique, and there is no strict template for everyone. That is why it is essential to have the freedom to create, innovate, adapt and organize a specially tailored path based on the project, the client, and the team working on it. would say: “Sweet challenge of variety growth, freedom of innovation through agile structure with strong support by higher management in the process and team empowering effect.”

Ivan Matosović,
Project Manager

Franjo Stojic@300

 "One of the most challenging things in an agency environment is that you can be assigned to new projects within days. In this fast-paced way of working, I built the courage to get rid of past work and rethink things completely. Going back to chapter one and re-organizing my work opens the possibility of looking for something new to learn and dedicating myself to improving. Also, new project opportunities allow me to reflect on all past mistakes and successes."

Franjo Stojić,
UX/UI Designer

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