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We love it.

Schuberg Philis

Valcon could help us with the much-needed expansion of the team. Their engineers are very high-skilled and experienced. The collaboration between the Schuberg Philis and Valcon engineers gives us the ability to deliver a quality of 100%. There is a true fit between both companies.

Here's what we can offer you

  • Agile software development - Be unique in your business! We build high-quality, customised and unique software to support your processes and grow your business. Besides being very skilled in High-code, we are also very experienced in Low-code.

  • Business Development and Analysis - All our projects are built to analyse your business and create detailed, agile and flexible roadmaps, ensuring they grow together with your business.
  • Application and System Management - Smooth operators! We make sure that your applications and underlying systems continue to operate without lags and hiccups.

  • Project Management - Stay on top of progress! With our experienced and dedicated project managers, we ensure your projects run on time and meet the agreed deliverables.
  • Creative UI/UX Design - Design is everything! Our UI/UX designers create clean and modern interfaces that don’t only look good, but also keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Cloud Engineering - Get your head in the clouds! We design scalable cloud architecture for public cloud platforms, so your applications and data are available at any time, from anywhere.

Valcon Cloud Software Engineering (ex Typeqast)

The special ones

We are there for the special ones; those who disrupt, innovate and believe that technology is the enabler to create a better tomorrow.


Valcon Cloud Software Engineering was founded in 2017 as Typeqast. In 2022, it became part of the Valcon Group and continues to spread its wings to support all scale-ups in Europe.


We transform the IT hurdle into an enabler for success, share our expertise, build upon partnerships, and deliver state-of-the-art technology..


We serve the most innovative companies by providing agile, affordable and highly-qualified software development teams as a service.

What our clients say


IT Manager,

Our partnership with Valcon has been very valuable. We had a very good match and they provided us with highly qualified IT staff. The Valconeers really feel part of our team. 


Managing Director,

When we looked into nearshoring, we also found other companies that we found interesting. But when looking at Valcon, we just felt a good connection with the team and the management.


Laurens Winkel, Owner, BoatBikeTours

Valcon is the tailor-made solution we needed. Because of the structure of Valcon, we were able to build a platform within the time and budget we set aside for it. We loved our collaboration between teams!’’


Albert Weerman, Founder QuickParking

An extremely quick turnaround in this challenge time has helped us pivot our existing offering. We’re grateful that the platform Valcon built was scalable and able to meet our business needs.

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